Laboratory solution testing


Laboratory testing is performed on batch samples of cement and chemicals to be used and on water samples from the customer's source. In addition to the standard rheology, water yield and water yield tests, and setting and thickening time measurements, specialized tests of cement slurries can be performed.

A standard package of laboratory tests includes tests for determining

  • mud rheological characteristics at room and circulating temperature at the bottom hole;
  • presence of free water (water drainage test);
  • water retention rate of cement slurry;
  • time of cement slurry thickening with downhole pressure and temperature simulation; 
  • compressive strength with hydraulic press; 
  • cement strength and SNA development with SGSA/UCA (Ultrasonic Strength and SNA Analyzer);
  • compatibility of drilling mud, buffer fluids and cement slurries; 
  • the characteristics of the mixing water.

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