"InnTechService" - specialists in the field of well cementing

"InnTechService" provides comprehensive services for cementing of oil and gas wells, including engineering, laboratory research of cement slurries, cementing, repair, maintenance and supply of spare parts. We use in-house development of cement slurries. Our suppliers of materials and equipment include SLK Cement, Oil Energy, Serva Group, MSI, FMC Technologies and customers of oil and gas producers of the Black Sea shelf.

The team is our main resource

The Company was established in 2015, but despite its small age, we have gathered in our team specialists with more than 15 years of experience in the largest global and Russian companies Schlumberger, Halliburton, LLC "STK", LLC "SK Khantos", LLC "Packer-Service".

Our employees are professionals in primary cementing and workover operations on oil and gas wells, onshore and offshore:

  • have completed a full course of Schlumberger Personnel Development System training at Schlumberger training centers in the UK and USA and have successfully passed qualification exams;
  • acted as the production training instructors in the Schlumberger training centers to train foreign students;
  • have experience of working at the fields of Western and Eastern Siberia for Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, Lukoil and Surgutneftegaz;
  • participated in the initial stage of development of the Vankor field;
  • commissioned and launched equipment at the Prirazlomnaya Platform in 2010;
  • worked offshore the Caspian Sea at the Korchagin ILCP;
  • Participated in sidetracking on the Salman field in the Persian Gulf.

How we do business

  1. We study terms of reference for the construction or repair of the well.
  2. We request additional information from the customer.
  3. We carry out pilot testing of solutions.
  4. We carry out hydraulic calculations using specialized software.
  5. Based on these calculations, we give a decision on the possibility of safe and economically justified cementing of a particular well, specified in the terms of reference.
  6. We draw up a statement of work, sign a contract, and begin implementing the project.


We have extensive experience in developing programs on specialized CEMPRO+ software, including calculations of centering, casing approach, 3D modeling of hydraulic processes, modeling of drilling fluid replacement and risk of mud residue on borehole walls, modeling of rheological model hierarchy. Upon customer's request we use standard normal density fluids, lightweight fluids, as well as thixotropic, elastic and elastic fluid systems.

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